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We commit to improving our connection with culture and improving the well-being of Indigenous Australians

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What we do at Nanima Care


Nanima Care provides many transport options for both individual and other Aboriginal corporations. For more information please contact us. 

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Grocery Assistance 

Our Nanima Care staff will provide transport and assistance with weekly grocery needs and then load and assist to unpack when you arrive home.


Social Connection

At Nanima Care we see the importance for social and cultural connection. With a variety of established community events and programs we hope to offer the platform for these connections to thrive.

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Nanima Care can offer transport for your companies specific events such as NAIDOC week, Koori Knock Out and other established events in your community.

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We want to use our platform to enhance the programs and events that are running through the Greater Western Region. If you would like to collaborate and improve the existing connection with culture please reach out.

Hello, I’m Tyrone

Here's a little about who we are and what we aim to do.

We want to provide a transport service to the Indigenous Community of the Greater Western Sydney Region. Prioritising Aboriginal Children and their Families.

We aim to provide:

  • Transport to and from school

  • Increase Youth cultural engagement and School attendance

  • Transport to and from health appointments and assist with grocery shopping Home visits to check in on mental health

  • Community organised social events

  • Provide transport for Elders to attend funerals

  • Make a growing connection with community


We believe focusing on culture and its impact on health care and assisting in “closing the gap” can improve the quality of care given, add to our understanding of health care among culturally diverse populations, and encourage a more holistic approach to health care within the community. Connection to culture is important and integrating Aboriginal culture into general care and making positive connections to Aboriginal health services may contribute to improving care delivery and outcomes for Aboriginal Children and their Families within the Greater Western Sydney Region.

Photo Credit: Henry Ward

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